Everything you Need to Know About Organic Gardening

  If you are interested in organic gardening and would like to learn everything you need to know about it, there is an online course that will not only teach you, but also provides access to the amazing fertilizers and other organic products for your garden.  Using language even the young,  beginning gardener can understand, and full of invaluable information, I definitely would suggest this course to anyone interested in learning and understanding more. The best part is, Phil, is a down to earth type person with his education style, and is far from boring. If you would like to learn and understand organic gardening, and its benefits and importance to the environment and eco systems, I recommended following the link provided below. There is much more information on the Academy, several pages of free sndbuseful information, and links to some organic fertilizers and other products. 

 The Smiling Gardener Academy

Organic Liquid Fish Fertilizer

For Your Soil